Sunday, February 1, 2015

Protect Your Jeep Wrangler Interior

Protecting the interior of my Jeep is important to me. That's why I reviewed these five items to help.  Wranglers are well-built vehicles.  I don't feel as though I have to be at all gentle with it.  Even so, I want to protect my Jeep interior and prevent early aging or excess wear-and-tear.

These items are:

  • seat covers
  • console covers 
  • steering covers
  • floor mats
  • entry guards (sill covers)

Protecting your Jeep seats

Trek Armor Seat Covers
Seat covers provide excellent protection to a large portion of your Jeep's interior.  In my interior, my seats are the only things that I worry much about damaging to the point of needing to replace.  I've owned my Jeep for several years now. And the seats are holding up very well. No noticeable change except for one small spot of damage caused by extreme carelessness. But, with all of my outdoor activities, packing my Jeep full of stuff for outings such as camping, and my dog as my almost constant co-pilot, I am afraid I will rip a seat or cause a permanent stain. Seat covers are an excellent way to protect seats.

Seat covers, for Jeeps, come in a huge range of prices and styles. You can base your decision on something decorative or matchy-matchy. Or you can base your decision on durability.  I lean toward the durable.

At a recent Jeep club event, I listened as as a woman described her Trek Armor seat covers. She talked about how well they fit, that they looked as though they came with the Jeep.  I had to agree.  She also described how easy they are to clean and how durable they have been. Based on what she said about her Trek Armor seat covers, I have made my decision to go with Trek Armor.

Protecting your Jeep console

I have found this very cool console cover that matches my slush mats and protects my console. In my Jeep, more rests on my center console than just my right elbow. I've hauled long items in my Jeep (such as my bumper) and laid them on the console and hung them out the back window.  My dog runs across it as he gets in and out of the Jeep. Or he stands there, back feet on the back seat and front paws on the center console as we approach the places he likes to visit. My console takes quite a bit of abuse.

Please note that some of the Trek Armor sets also provide a console cover. In case you want upholstered instead of tread decor.

Protecting your hands and your steering wheel

Steering wheels are one of the most used interior parts and benefit from a protective cover. Have you ever owned a vehicle and after time the steering wheel became worn; smooth in sections and textured in sections?  I don't want that to happen to my Jeep steering wheel. And, I want to protect my hands from the summer heat on those days that my top is down and the sun is bright.

This Speed Grip cover is highly recommended. Reviews include phrases such as "high quality", "durability", and "get it, you won't regret it."

Preventing carpet wear 

Slush Mats
Even though my carpets lift out and I can hose off my Jeep floor and let the water flow out of the plugs (something I've had to do when the fish bait cooler tipped over) I use slush mats to eliminate some of that extra work. Also, if you go wheeling or mudding, you has seen the copious amount of dirt and mess that finds it's way into your carpets.  Even if you don't hit the trails, carpets get wet, dirty, and full of debris pretty quickly.

I can't stop talking about how much I love my Jeep slush mats. They are awesome. I received mine as a gift not long after I purchased the Jeep. They show no signs of wear and tear. They catch all of the slush, snow, mud, and dirt that I drag into the Jeep.  

Protecting your painted door jambs

Entry Guards
Entry guards are extremely easy to install and add a high level of protection to your door jambs. Standing only a bit over 5 feet tall, I often use the door jamb as a step as I climb in and out of the Jeep  With mud, sand, or pebbles in my shoe treads, this paint could become damaged over time.  The guards are durable and protect this exposed paint. Besides, entry covers just look good.

If you drive a Jeep Wrangler and want to give some protection to the interior, these are the five items that are highly recommended by myself and others whose Jeeps I know.  For more ideas about protecting the interior of your Jeep, you can visit the Jeep Blog and see how to Outfit Your Jeep 101: Interior.  Their article includes a great idea for protecting both your Jeep interior and your larger Jeep-loving dog while off-roading.  Great idea, I wish I had thought of it.

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