Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ozark Mesh Chair Review

Living the Jeep life to the fullest includes being outdoors with your Jeep family. Whether it is at a Jeep show, wheeling event, a lazy day on the beach, or those social gatherings with your Jeep family, extra seating is always needed. BYOC translates to bring your own chair.  I recommend the Ozark Mesh Chair.  It is the most comfortable outdoor seating I've owned thus far.

Ozark Mesh Chair Review

I find most "lawn chairs" to be very comfortable or feel very unstable. I don't like chairs that fall apart quickly, that wobble when I sit down, or that feel like they are going to tip over. I also don't like lawn chairs that cut into the backs of my legs or into the back of my neck. This year I purchased the Ozark Mesh Chair and I love it!

The facts:
  • mesh panel in the middle of the back and the seat
  • durable steel frame
  • dimensions 35.8" W x 23.2" D x 38.1" H
  • weight capacity 300 lbs/136 kg
  • folds for portability
  • comes with a carrying/storage bag

My thoughts:
  • the mesh keeps my backside from getting sweaty
  • the chair is large - roomy and comfortable.
  • two cups holders are handy - one for my drink, one for my cell phone (medium sized cell phone)
  • the back supports of the chair stop lower than the top of the material on the back of the chair. This means that the top side of the chair does not cut into my back. -- even if I slouch and lean my head back to watch the stars.
  • weighs approximately 7 lbs.  I was surprised. I guestimated that it weighed 5 lbs or less. But my bathroom scale shows it weighs 7 lbs.  (note: my bathroom scale has been known to lie).

I purchased my chair during a last minute stop at a local big box store on my way to a Jeep event. I purchased it with the thought that it would probably be cheap and annoying, and I'd have to replace it with a better one when I had time to shop. But I have to tell you, I love this chair and am going to buy a second one. On Amazon, you can find similar chairs, in different sizes or with different options to suit your needs. The Ozark Trail chair with lumbar support is a tempting choice too.

Other recommended seating options:

The Jammock

Several folks in my Jeep family have purchased the Jammock and they love it.  I haven't looked at it seriously for myself because I know I'd need someone to use a crane or a winch to help me back out of it.  But it looks like a great idea and the folks who have them, love them.  They say it's a comfortable and easy way to relax and enjoy the views. I do enjoy seeing the photos of people in the Jeep club, lounging around on top of their Jeeps, with a birds-eye view during parking lot events. For a better description of what the Jammock is and how it works, check out the official Jammock site.

The Jammock

Zero Gravity Chair

Other Jeep folks I know have talked about their love of their Zero Gravity chairs. Talk about comfortable lounging!  I know that I have been on the trails or at the campsite and have wanted to just lean back and put my feet up. This comfortable chair allows you to do just that. 
Zero Gravity Chair

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